Hong Kong QMAS visa program for Global Professionals

Hong Kong QMAS - India

Hong Kong is no exception; the demand for human capital is growing in all parts of the land. To drive the economy, the developed countries are inviting the global professionals to work on their mainland. The employs who come to Hong Kong must possess exceptional that are useful to the Hong Kong shortage Skilled areas. […]

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The point based Hong Kong Immigration for International Professionals

Hong Kong Immigration - Migrate to Hong Kong -

The labor market assessment, shortage of workforce and the rapid development of technology are the factors influencing the immigration process. Hong Kong is one of the most developed economical nations in the world. If a person wants to relocate to Hong Kong then he has to follow the Hong Kong immigration(www.immd.gov.hk/eng/)program. There are so many […]

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Quality Migrant Admission Scheme- Easy option to Live and work in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered as the ultimate destination for Indians, especially for skilled professionals. The country is often referred as the finance center of South Asia. Hong Kong immigration has become extremely popular among skilled professionals who wish to work overseas. The country offers ample opportunities for highly qualified professionals and has designed Quality Migrant […]

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