What are the Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong QMAS Visa ?

Hong Kong-QMAS-Visa

The Hong Kong QMAS visa was introduced by the Hong Kong govt in order to draw those individuals who are highly skilled to Hong Kong for enhancing the nation’s economy further. Immigration to Hong Kong These immigrants should have intention to reside in Hong Kong to explore both employment as well as  prospects for business […]

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Work in Hong Kong through Hong Kong Work permit

Hong Kong work permit for Indians Hong Kong is an excellent destination for the skilled workers to live and work in another country. If the skilled worker has the right combination of professional experience and qualifications, the skilled worker may be eligible for a Hong Kong work permit. Hong Kong work permit Benefits Hong Kong work […]

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How to obtain a Hong Kong Work Permit

Hong Kong is a superb destination if individuals want to reside and work in abroad. If individuals hold the correct blend of educational qualifications and work experience they can be eligible to apply for a Hong Kong Work Visa. The country welcomes overseas nationals to arrive and work in Hong Kong. Every year around 15,000 […]

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