What are the Requirements of Quality Migrant Admission Scheme ?


The Hong Kong QMAS is quota based entrant scheme. It does attract the highly skilled or talented persons to Settle in Hong Kong to enhance Hong Kong’s Economic competitiveness. The successful applicants are not required to have secured an offer of local employment before their entry to Hong Kong Immigration. All the applicants are required […]

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What Is The Eligibility Criterion For Hong Kong QMas Scheme ?


The Hong Kong QMAS scheme is considered as quote based entrant scheme. It seeks  highly skilled or talented individuals to Settle in Hong Kong so that it can help in enhancing the economic competiveness of Hong Kong. All successful application of Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Visa might bring their spouse and also unmarried dependent children […]

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong QMAS Visa ?

Hong Kong-QMAS-Visa

The Hong Kong QMAS visa was introduced by the Hong Kong govt in order to draw those individuals who are highly skilled to Hong Kong for enhancing the nation’s economy further. Immigration to Hong Kong These immigrants should have intention to reside in Hong Kong to explore both employment as well as  prospects for business […]

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Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculators Takes Into Consideration Various Factors.


The successful applicants who have applied under Hong Kong QMAS  scheme can bring their unmarried dependent children, provided these individuals are capable to support and also to accommodate their dependent using their self financial resources without any reliance on public assistance from the nation, Hong Kong. Immigration to Hong Kong now easy with the introduction […]

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How many Applications’ are Accepted Under Hong Kong Qmas Scheme


The Hong Kong QMAS scheme is quota based and it is designed for skilled individual’s who desire to stay in Hong Kong to explore both employment as well as  business startup opportunities. In order to secure entry into Hong Kong as per the QMAS Scheme, the individual’s must satisfy the basic prerequisites, and they should […]

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Are you Aspiring to Migrate to Honkong QMAS? Apply Honkong QMAS Scheme

The life expectancy of Hongkongers is the worlds longest or second longest.  Hong  Kong is also known for its deep natural harbor and skyline. Those who aspire to migrate to Hong Kong must make themselves aware of Honkong QMAS scheme which is now governed by the Chinese govt. This particular scheme is launched in 2006 […]

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Hong Kong QMAS Points are Subject to Change From Time to Time

Individuals who wish to work in Hong Kong, which is considered to be one of the most successful economies in Asia, it may be also worth considering Hong Kong Skilled immigration programme. There are numerous options available, if the individuals have the right skills as well as experience and  they desire to live as well […]

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Qualify easily under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme with Opulentus assistance

Hong Kong is recognized as the best destination for Indian nationals who are highly talented and qualified. It is known as the finance center of South Asia. Immigration to Hong Kong is one of the most popular options that paves path for the skilled professionals to enter the country. For skilled professionals, there are plenty […]

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