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Education Bureau launches professional development programmes Web-version Booklet

The Curriculum Development Institute (CDI) of the Education Bureau (EDB) will provide about 720 Professional Development Programmes (PDPs) in the 2013/14 school year to cater for the needs of around 60 000 principals and teachers of secondary and primary schools and pre-primary institutions in Hong Kong in implementing the curriculum reform to promote students' effective learning. Hong Kong ImmigrationA spokesman for the EDB said today (July 9) that the planning for the PDPs has taken into consideration related survey results, feedback from school heads and teachers collected through various channels and the latest developments in education. The objectives, content, delivery modes and duration of the programmes are designed to better suit the different needs of teachers so as to enhance the effectiveness of student learning through appropriate strategies such as whole-school curriculum planning, learning and teaching, assessment, curriculum management and leadership. "We hope that schools could make full use of these courses organised by the CDI to raise the awareness and knowledge of participating teachers. Upon return to schools, teachers may integrate what they have learnt with their school-based PDPs through professional sharing and collaborative learning among teachers to facilitate effective implementation of curriculum reform from basic education to senior secondary education. "For pre-primary institutions, we have enhanced learning and teaching strategies, especially using play as an effective learning and teaching strategy, and enhancing understanding of the issue of children development and catering for learner diversity. For primary schools, we have strengthened the content of programmes related to self-directed learning, values education and the use of IT for interactive learning. As for secondary schools, we have further strengthened the curriculum interface across key stages, effective use of e-learning resources and the development of generic skills. Programmes to be jointly organised by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education are also included," he said. The PDPs have always been well received by schools as they help schools to formulate their annual whole-school development plans as well as individual teachers' staff development plans. They support teachers and schools to sustain reform in basic education and to better implement the senior secondary curriculum. Information on student activities provided by different organisations is also appended to facilitate early planning of student learning activities related to Key Learning Areas and Life-wide Learning so as to achieve the learning goals set out by schools. Source: http://7thspace.com/headlines/440762/education_bureau_launches_professional_development_programmes_web_version_booklet.html

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