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Enter into Hong Kong under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong is a beautiful country which attracts many immigrants to itself every year. It is not just because of the tall skyscrapers, impressive monuments and the varied culture of the place, but also because of the work opportunities it provides for skilled workers from abroad. If you wish to migrate to this country, you can do so under the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. For this relocation, it is always better to take the help of immigration consultants like Opulentus visa consultancy.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

This is a quota based entrant scheme. It attracts highly skilled and talented individuals to settle and work in Hong Kong such that they contribute to the nation’s economy and take it to a greater place of competitiveness in the economic global market. Any applicant who wishes to settle under this scheme does not have to hold a job offer letter from a Hong Kong employer.

The method of gaining entry is via two paths, both of which are point-based. These are the- General Points test and Achievement-Based Test. Points need to be scored under the general points test based on certain eligibility criteria as mentioned below:-

  • Age- Must be 18 years or above
  • Good character- Should bear a good moral character and not have any criminal records in the past
  • Financial stability- Should be capable of supporting himself or herself, along with dependents without relying upon public funds for support
  • Language competency- Must be well-versed in spoken and written English as well as Chinese languages
  • Basic education- Should hold relevant degree from a recognized university. In some cases, technical skills and professional abilities are also taken into consideration.

General Points Test

In order to be eligible for this test, an applicant should be able to score a minimum passing mark of 80 points as given below:-

  • Age- Maximum 30 points
  • Professional or academic qualifications- Total of 45 points
  • Work experience- Can secure up to 50 points
  • Language skills- Can get 20 points
  • Family background- Again 20 points can be obtained under this heading

Achievement-Based Points Test

This test requires an individual applicant to secure 165 points under one scoring factor only as mentioned below.

Points are given for this test if the person who is seeking Hong Kong immigration under this scheme is:-

  • A recipient of an award for exceptional achievement like Olympic medals, National or International awards or Nobel prize
  • The applicant should have contributed significantly to his area of specialization and his or her work must have been recognized by the peers. For example lifetime achievement awards.
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