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Find out various routes available to immigrate to Hong Kong from India

Hong Kong From IndiaBeing a Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong turned to be one among the successful immigration economies. Owning a number of financial organizations, international businesses and industries, Hong Kong has become one of the attractive destinations for immigrants. The country also offers a broad array of work and study options for individuals who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong for work & study. The government has designed several programs to facilitate individuals who wish to Immigrate to Hong Kong from India. Citizens of certain nations do not require a visa to immigrate to Hong Kong. However, Indian nationals require a visa to enter the country.

Routes for immigration to Hong Kong from India

The following are the three ways applicable for those individuals who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong from India:

Immigration arrangement for non-local graduates (IANG):

IANG is a Hong Kong immigration program which is designed to encourage foreign students to immigrate to Hong Kong. To be eligible for this, the students must meet certain pre-defined conditions.

General Employment scheme (GEP)

General Employment scheme is designed to address the skill shortages of the country’s labor force. The applicants’ filing for GEP must satisfy certain requirements such as valid job offer, proof demonstrating academic and technical knowledge, etc. GEP and IANG programs are applicable for people who fall under certain categories such as Commercial, Culture, Arts, Sports and Culinary skills.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

QMAS is a popular immigration program which is designed to attract skilled immigrants to the country. It is a quota based entrant scheme which is based on points system. The applicants under this scheme need to undertake either General Point Test or Achievement based point test based on their skills. Having so many programs, one can easily immigrate to Hong Kong from India provided certain conditions are met. For more updates Follow us @ Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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