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Hong Kong dazzles this festive season!

Hong Kong dazzles in its colorful lights display for the best of the year. Right now, decorative lights adorn all the buildings in Hong Kong for Christmas, New Year going on to Chinese New year, year of the Snake, on February 10. Opulentus HKSoon after sundown, the lights begin a dazzling display overwhelming visitors and tourists. The tourists are generally people from the mainland who spend fabulous amounts in Hong Kong. It is to keep the Mainland visitors in thrall that the Hong Kong authorities and residents are taking the lighting up seriously. Lights and lanterns are high in the imagination of Chinese folklore. Added to it, this being Christmas festive season for the majority of Hong Kong residents, the light display goes well with everyone's enjoyment. Used in the display are Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus, trees and so on. These are gradually transformed into Chinese symbols: Enter the Dragon. City's light-and-laser show covering 40 buildings is a big draw. To the light decorators of Hong Kong goes the entire credit for making Santa Claus keep coming day after day, whereas for the children the world over the gift-giver is once a year phenomenon, for which they may dream for the rest of the year. Visit Hong Kong and relish the experience of your lifetime. Buzz on 1800 103 1555 or mail on visa@opulentuz.com for more information.

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