Hong Kong Immigration through Hong Kong QMAS scheme

migrate to Hong Kong through Hong Kong QMAS Visa Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, which has become an emerging destination for overseas individuals across the worlds. People choosing Hong Kong Immigration from India is rapidly increasing, especially from these recent years. The country offers excellent career and employment opportunities for the overseas nationals, as it is facing skill shortages in Hong Kong. A scheme named as Quality migrant admission scheme (QMAS) is the best scheme Hong Kong immigration scheme.

Hong Kong QMAS Visa

Immigration to Hong Kong under QMAS scheme is a points based system.  Hong Kong QMAS is an entrant quota based scheme designed to seek and allure overseas skilled individuals to migrate to Hong Kong and work there in order to boost the country’s economy. Successful applicants no need to have a prior job offer in order to migrate to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong QMAS Visa requirements:

Applicants in order to migrate to Hong Kong through Hong Kong QMAS Visa must meet certain prerequisites and get qualified in the Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculator in order to continue for the further Hong Kong QMAS visa Application Process.

  • Age above 18 years
  • Enough funds to survive in Hong Kong on Hong Kong QMAS Visa
  • No crime records
  • Proficient in spoken and written English and Chinese languages
  • A first degree from a standard university or a tertiary educational institution or university

Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculator    

Since, the Hong Kong QMAS is points based system where an individual need to score minimum qualification either in a General Points Test or Achievement-based Points Test. The minimum qualification points for General Points Test are 80 points out of 165, whereas for Achievement-based Points Test 165 or 0 points will be awarded.

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