Hong Kong QMAS for skilled workers

Hong Kong QMAS points based tests

Hong Kong QMAS Visa seeks to attract the highly skilled immigrants from various parts of the world for the motto of increasing the country’s economy. These impending immigrants are the ones who intend to reside in Hong Kong to discover employment or business startups.

The skilled immigrants are allowed to get their spouse and dependent children (under 18) under the condition to support them financially.

The Hong Kong immigration provides many opportunities to the skilled immigrants to come and settle in the country.

Immigration to Hong Kong from India is no more a hard nut to break as it is now possible by Hong Kong QMAS visa.

Hong Kong QMAS Points

Skilled immigrants who are applying for Hong Kong QMAS must go through Hong Kong QMAS point’s calculator and obtain minimum points in order to qualify the test.

 Hong Kong QMAS points based tests has 2 options

  • General points test
  • Achievement points test

General points test

Under this test, the points are based on certain factors such as

  • Age – mostly near 30’s get the maximum advantage
  • Academic/professional qualification – higher the qualification, better it is
  • Work experience – applicants with rich experience have more definite chances
  • Language proficiency – minimum of 6.0 score of IELTS factor
  • Family factors such as qualification of the spouse and number of children along with their age

The minimum passing mark under this General points test is 80 out of 165 points.

Achievements – based points test

This is to attract the foreign nationals who have distinctive and excellent achievements. The following are some of the factors on which the applicants are assessed on

  • On receiving awards for distinctive achievement (or)
  • Getting acknowledgement from the significant contribution from a particular field.

Required documents for Hong Kong QMAS

The following are the required documents that the applicant has submit along with their application form

  • Valid passport
  • Photographs
  • Financial funds
  • Copies of personal information in the passport
  • Copies of you and your spouse education certificates
  • Proof of achievements
  • Proof of language proficiency

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