QMAS Immigration Program For the Most Efficient Professionals

QMAS-Immigration-to-Hong-KongHong Kong Immigration has been inviting qualified professionals for many years to settle permanently in the country. This article discusses the important Skilled Immigration Program of the Hong Kong, but applicants are suggested to go to the official website of Hong Kong Immigration. As immigration patterns change regularly, and the official sites give the most reliable information on the visa programs.

The Best Immigration program of the Hong Kong to welcome economic immigrants is Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. This program is widely popular among the top-class professionals with exceptional skills. Highest priority given to the professionals who have contributed significantly to their respective fields and this visa program welcomes immigrants who contribute to the Hong Kong economy.

Five Major Steps of QMAS Visa Program:

  • Should meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Must pass the points-based test.
  • Must secure ranks in the test.
  • Interview with the candidates.
  • Visa granted.

The five stages of the Hong Kong Immigration scrutinize candidates thoroughly whether his skills are useful to the Hong Kong or not. However, a job offer is not required to apply for the visa. A stipulated duration is set to get the job and extend the stay in Hong Kong. Age, Skills, Work experience, and exceptional skills play a significant role in determining candidate’s eligibility for an interview. Candidates invited for interview must go to Hong Kong to attend the meeting. Finally, for successful candidates visas are granted. Visa processing is a time taking a procedure, and candidates must take serious help from the expert visa consultants.

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