Work and Live in Hong Kong through QMAS

There are several ways to find a route that leads a person to Hong Kong. However the most opulent of such routes happens to be QMAS: Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. Because this scheme is prestigious and opens doorways to skilled personnel, the eligibility criteria and quality assessment levels are stringent and filled with rigour.

The applicants must have to meet with predefined criteria mentioned by Hong Kong Immigration essentially to be qualified for the application of this visa. Furthermore, a point based system will reward points to the applicants based on which issuance of the visa will be determined.

The following is the set of criteria that one must fulfill in order to apply for Hong Kong QMAS.

a) The minimum age of an applicant must be 18. People below 18 years are not entitled to apply for QMAS in Hong Kong.

b) Financial independence is a must. The applicant must be able to prove to Hong Kong immigration that he/she is capable of supporting self financially without seeking assistance from Hong Kong government. Further plans of extending the applicant’s family into Hong Kong also involve the production of financial independence proofs to be able to support the arriving dependants.

c) The social record of an applicant applying for Hong Kong QMAS must be clean with no criminal stains in the past.

d) There’s a language proficiency test to be taken either in Chinese or English. The applicant must prove his/her fluency & expertise by demonstrating written and spoken skills in the language chosen from either of the mentioned.

e) Though education comes last in the list, it holds pinnacle value in determining an applicant’s QMAS eligibility. The applicant is expected to possess an internationally recognized degree to be produced at Hong Kong immigration alongside relevant experience in his/her field of expertise to meet with the visa’s prerequisites.

Upon fulfilling the requirements, the candidature will be forwarded to the table of Non Statutory Advisory Committee which is appointed by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Immigration. Keeping in mind the social, financial and technical backgrounds of applicants, the advisory committee will shortlist candidates out of received applications and the shortlisted ones will make it to the table of Director of Hong Kong Immigration.

It’s solely in the right of Hong Kong Immigration’s Director to grant an applicant a visa or deny it. However Hong Kong enjoys a clean and unmistakable reputation of being fair with its foreign immigrants and visa policies. This cleanliness contributed to the Hong Kong’s envious tolerance towards its immigrants and helped it evolve as a better country.

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