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Hong Kong Occupation List 2014 under Hong Kong QMAS

Hong Kong Occupation List 2014 under Hong Kong QMASHong Kong as a Special Administrative Region of China is situated in Asia. The country is an affluent nation in the Asia with a standard economy. Hong Kong is a most emerged and targeted nation for the immigrants across the globe. With maximum per capita income throughout the world, it has become most sought out immigration destination for the purpose of employment. Immigration to Hong Kong is preferred by individuals from all over the work for better career opportunities.

Hong Kong Immigration:

Hong Kong offers excellent career opportunities for the overseas nationals. People who choose Hong Kong Immigration can experience high standard of living. So, if you are fascinated and eager about Hong Kong Immigration to get better opportunities, high incomes and bright future, you should check Hong Kong Migrants Occupation List.

Hong Kong QMAS:

Hong Kong has a unique scheme called as Hong Kong QMAS to seek and allure skilled immigrants to reside and work in Hong Kong in order to boost the country’s economy. Hong Kong QMAS is entrant quota based scheme with a point based system. Applicants need to score minimum qualification points in order to migrate to Hong Kong under the Hong Kong QMAS. The point based system is used by the Hong Kong Immigration department to assess the individuals’ skills for Hong Kong Immigration. The immigration department have made list named as Hong Kong occupation List. This list consists of names of the occupations that are available in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong occupation List is subjected to change as per the country requirement.

Hong Kong QMAS Eligibility:

Individuals who would like to migrate to Hong Kong under the Hong Kong QMAS must meet the following Hong Kong QMAS eligibility criteria:

  • Age above 18 years
  • Enough funds
  • No crime records
  • Talented in written and spoken Chinese and English languages
  • Good academic background
  • Must hold a under graduate degree from a standard university or educational institute
  • Professional experience is optional
  • Must secure minimum qualification points in the points based test to proceed for further Hong Kong QMAS visa process

Hong Kong occupation List:

The following are the list of occupations in Hong Kong under quality migrant admission scheme.

  • Academic Research and Education
  • Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction
  • Arts and Culture
  • Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • Business Support and Human Resources
  • Catering and Tourism
  • Commerce and Trade
  • Financial and Accounting Services
  • Human Health and Veterinary Services
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Legal Services
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Sports

If individuals’ occupation or profession matches to one of the mentioned categories then they can look for the opportunities in Hong Kong under Hong Kong QMAS.

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