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Hong Kong QMAS Dependent Visa

HK QMAS The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, QMAS is a migration process which is based on point system in Hong-Kong. If a skilled worker’s job profile belongs to the Long Term Shortage Occupation List of Hong Kong, the person can apply for QMAS visa. And after getting a permanent job with a standard income, the immigrant can take his/her dependants on QMAS Dependent Visa.

Eligibility Criteria:

For the immigrant of Quality Migrant Admission Scheme or the Admission Scheme for the Second Generation of Hong Kong Permanent Residents, the following dependant can lodge the application for Dependant QMAS visa: Applicant’s spouse and Applicant’s dependent kids under 18 years old.

The dependent visa application can be  highly considered if:

  • There is appropriate proof of marriage
  • There is no separation between the dependant the sponsor
  • The sponsor must be able to support the dependant's living cost and other financial requirements during the stay in Hong Kong. They must maintain the general standard of life in the country.

Application Procedure:

The Applicant needs to fill form ID 997 .The Part A has to be filled up by the applicant and Part B by the sponsor.

The Application can be obtained free of cost from the following offices:

  • Immigration Department Headquarters
  • Immigration Branch Offices
  • Overseas Chinese Diplomatic and Consular Missions and
  • HKSAR Government office outside Hong Kong
  • The form also can be downloaded from the HKSAR immigration website immd.gov.hk
Supporting documents along with the ID 997 form:
  • Valid Passport of the applicant,
  • Recent passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Marriage certificate in case of spouse
  • Birth Certificate of children clearly stating the name of Sponsor’s as parent.
  • Sponsor’s QMAS visa proof,
  • Employment proof of sponsor,
  • Residential proof in Honk Kong
  • Proof of fund.
Visa Processing Time:  After receiving all the required documents and application the whole process takes place within five to six weeks. But it varies depending on the  number of application submitted for the process. The immigration of Hong Kong needs some time to verify all the documents. Failing to provide the required documents at any stage can lead to visa rejection and the immigration department can reject any type of visa any time without any acceptance if you fail to impress them with your proper supportive documents. All the terms and condition or policy of immigration can change any time as per the requirement of the country. Related Links:  

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