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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong QMAS Visa ?

Hong Kong-QMAS-VisaThe Hong Kong QMAS visa was introduced by the Hong Kong govt in order to draw those individuals who are highly skilled to Hong Kong for enhancing the nation’s economy further.

Immigration to Hong Kong

These immigrants should have intention to reside in Hong Kong to explore both employment as well as  prospects for business start up’s.

All those Settle in Hong Kong and achieve success in Hong Kong can bring their dependent children as well as spouse’s under condition that they would take care of them, with their own resources.

Eligibility Criteria 

A Hong Kong QMAS Visa is entrant scheme which is quota based.  This particular visa was introduced  in 2006.  This visa  helps both skilled individuals as well as entrepreneurs who desire to stay in Hong Kong in order to pursue startup businesses and professionals’ careers.

To get a secure entry into city port under QMAS scheme, the applicant should satisfy  a number of pre-requisites such as clearing the test of points based and competing for the  allocation of quotas.

Scope of This Scheme

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is not applicable to nationals belonging to Cuba, Afghanistan, laos, Korea, Vietnam and Nepal.

Issue of Visa

If all the original documents  are verified satisfactory and application procedures which are relevant are finalized, the successful applicants would be issued an entry permit or visa under the scheme to stay in Hong  Kong.

The applicants should satisfy below prerequisites

Age : Under Hong Kong QMAS Visa,  the applicant age should be 18 or above while lodging the application

Financial : The applicant should be able to demonstrate that they are capable of supporting as well as accommodating themselves as well as their dependents.  They should not rely on public assistance during their stay in Hong Kong.

Good :  The applicant must not a have criminal record neither they should have an adverse immigration record in the nation or elsewhere

Language : The applicant must be proficient in both written as well as spoken English or Chinese.

Basic Educational Qualification : The applicant of Hong Kong QMAS visa must have good educational background, which is normally a first class degree from the recognized university or a tertiary education institution.  In special circumstances, technical qualifications which are good, professional abilities proven, documentary evidence for achievements supported and/or experience.

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