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Hong Kong the best place for skilled migrants

Hong Kong is budding as a promising destination for skilled migrants from countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan country where people follow different religions. People have the liberty and freedom to worship according to their own beliefs. Hong Kong government has always welcomed skilled migrants from other parts of the globe to live in their country. Hong Kong offers Employment for Professionals, for foreign skilled workers.

Government of Hong Kong has not implemented any capping on this visa scheme. Hong Kong immigration authorities will assesses application on a priority basis, which depends upon skills, knowledge and experience. Hong Kong Work Permit visa given for one year initially, and it can be renewed by the visa holder on later stage.

To apply for this program, Individual must posses • Valid Passport • Good educational qualification [Graduate or Post Graduate] • Relevant work experience • Hold an offer letter from a company in Hong Kong • Should not have any criminal background • Proof of academic qualifications and work experience • Documents supporting applicants financial status

Visa can be denied by Hong Kong immigration authorities if the applicant fails to submit or satisfy obligations mentioned, and also if the applicant having a criminal background. Hong Kong immigration authorities have the right to ask applicant to furnish additional documents if required.

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