How to acquire a Hong Kong Visitor Visa?

Hong Kong Visit Visa for Indians Hong Kong government allows nationals of 148 countries to enter Hong Kong visa free for tourism or to engage in business related activities for duration between 14 days and 180 days.

Individuals holding a Hong Kong visitor visa do not have the right to engage in employment, studies or establish a business.

Hong Kong Visit Visa for Indians

Indian nationals intending to enter Hong Kong for a visit up to 14 days are not required to have a visa. However, they are required to know and fulfill the following Hong Kong visit visa requirements

  • Passport has to be valid for minimum one month beyond the planned date of departure from Hong Kong.
  • Must have made travel arrangements for onward and return journey as well.
  • Have the required funds to support oneself financially without working

Hong Kong visit visa application form

Hong Kong visitor visa applicants have to complete certain application forms, which are available free of cost at the following offices

  • Headquarters of the immigration department
  • Branches offices of the immigration
  • Chinese consular and diplomatic missions that are located overseas

Application process for Hong Kong visitor visa

Overseas nationals have to submit their applications along with the required fees with the supporting documents and their travel documents individually at the nearby Chinese diplomatic and consular mission.

Processing time of Hong Kong visit visa

The immigration department of Hong Kong will start processing the application upon receiving the required documents. It would usually take four weeks to process the Hong Kong visit visa applications.

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