How to get Hong Kong Tourist Visa?

Hong Kong Tourist VisaHong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, has much more to offer for travelers who would like to visit Hong Kong either for business or travel purpose. Majority of people would like to visit Hong Kong to enjoy its dazzling skyline, tall buildings and picturesque harbors. Individuals can consider visiting Hong Kong to make their trip more beautiful and enjoyable. People who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong either for business or visit purpose should obtain Hong Kong Visitor Visa.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa from India 

However, citizens of some nationals do not require a Hong Kong Tourist Visa to visit the country for certain period. For example, Indians do not require a Hong Kong Visitor Visa to reside in the country for a period of 14 days.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa requirements

Aspirants who are filing an application for Hong Kong Visit Visa must satisfy certain requirements which include:

  • Passport must be valid for minimum six months from the date of entry
  • Must hold sufficient funds to meet their expenses during their stay in the Hong Kong
  • Applicant’s background should be free from any criminal record
  • Must hold return tickets

Majority of countries grants Hong Kong Tourist Visa through embassies, electronic visa (e-Visa) providers or visa on arrival offices. The cost, requirements, and processing time of Hong Kong Visitor Visa application may vary from embassy to embassy.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa extension

However, Hong Kong Tourist Visa extension can be made by applying for a visa extension. Visa run is the alterative which permits you to leave and re-enter the Hong Kong for another 14-day period. Moreover, Hong Kong Visit Visa holders are not allowed to take up any paid or unpaid work in the country. Hong Kong Tourist Visa holders are not permitted to engage in any business activities and not allowed to enroll in any academic courses in the country.

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