How to get Hong Kong Visitor Visa

Hong Kong Visitor VisaAre planning for a holiday trip? Then, why don’t you choose to travel Hong Kong?  Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. The country is famous for a number of tourist attractions. People from overseas nations require a Hong Kong Visitor Visa to come to Hong Kong for the purpose of tourism and meeting their friends and family members.

Hong Kong Visitor Visa:

Any person who desires to visit Hong Kong requires a Hong Kong tourist visa. Citizens of India do not require a Hong Kong Visitor Visa, if they stay for a period of 14 days, however beyond that free period one should require a Hong Kong Visitor Visa. Through Hong Kong visit visa overseas nationals can enter and reside in the country for a certain validity period. After that individuals need to depart Hong Kong and move to their native land.

Hong Kong Visitor Visa eligibility:

Though the Hong Kong Visitor Visa is a temporary visa, individuals should meet the following required eligibility criteria in order to visit Hong Kong on Hong Kong Visitor Visa.

  • Applicant must be a bona fide visitor
  • Enough funds to sustain in the Hong Kong
  • Applicant should have a return ticket, which shows their intention to return to their home land after their purpose of visit to Hong Kong.

Individuals who travelled to Hong Kong on Hong Kong Visitor Visa should not take up or seek any employment either unpaid or paid. They are also not permitted to engage in any of the business in Hong Kong. Visitors who traveled to Hong Kong on Hong Kong Visitor Visa should not become a student at a school, educational institution or other University.

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