How To Travel To Hong Kong On Hong Kong Tourist Visa

Hong Kong Tourist VisaHong Kong is the Special Administrative Region of China, which is few miles far from India. Most of the citizens from India choose to travel to Hong Kong for tourism purpose. Indians are allowed to come to and stay in Hong Kong without a Hong Kong Tourist Visa for a period of 14 days. However, if they want to extend their stay in Hong Kong they need to apply for Hong Kong Visitor Visa.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa:

Hong Kong Visitor Visa enables foreign individuals or nationals of India to reside in Hong Kong over 14 days. Applicants are not allowed to engage in employment either unpaid or paid on Hong Kong tourist visa. Individuals can also visit their friends and family members and can visit awesome tourist destinations throughout the country via Visit Hong Kong .

Hong Kong Tourist Visa From India:

Hong Kong Tourist Visa is a temporary visa issued to foreign individuals or Indians who wish to visit and stay in Hong Kong for a particular period of time. Citizens of India can apply for Hong Kong Tourist Visa to stay in Hong Kong for more than 14 days.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements:

In order to acquire Hong Kong Tourist Visa individuals must meet the below Hong Kong Visitor Visa prerequisites.

  • Valid passport with at least six months validity period with two blank pages
  • Enough finance
  • No criminal records
  • Not allowed to take up employment offer or engage in business activities or educational courses

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Application process:

Applicants who met the necessary Hong Kong Tourist Visa requirements can apply for the Hong Kong Tourist Visa. The embassy checks the entire details carefully prior to the Hong Kong Tourist Visa approval. The processing time for Hong Kong Tourist Visa is subjected to change and it depends on the applicants’ profile.

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