Travel to Hong Kong on Hong Kong Tourist Visa

Hong Kong Tourist Visa From IndiaAre you planning to visit Hong Kong for a holiday trip? Then you must obtain a Hong Kong Visitor Visa if you are overseas national. The country is a Special Administrative Region of China and just a few miles away from India. Generally nationals of India choose to visit Hong Kong for tourism purpose. Indians are permitted to enter and reside in Hong Kong without a Hong Kong Tourist Vaisa for 14-day period. If individuals would like to extend period of stay in Hong Kong they should apply for Hong Kong Tourist Visa from India.

 Hong Kong Tourist Visa:

Hong Kong Tourist Visa entitles overseas nationals or Indians to stay in the country for 14 days. However, individuals are not permitted to take up any job offer or seek a job either an unpaid or paid on Hong Kong visitor visa. Overseas nationals can visit their relatives and acquaintances and can also travel to splendid tourist destinations across the country under Hong Kong Visitor Visa.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa From India:

Hong Kong Tourist Visa is a short term visa granted to overseas individuals or citizens of India who would like to enter and live in Hong Kong for a certain period of time. Nationals of India should get a Hong Kong Tourist Visa to live in Hong Kong over 14 days.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements:

Applicants need to fulfill the following Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements in order to obtain Hong Kong Tourist Visa.

  • A legal passport with a minimum of six months validity period and two blank pages
  • Sufficient finance
  • Free from crime records
  • Applicants are not allowed to engage in employment or business activities or educational courses

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Application form:

Individuals who have fulfilled the required Hong Kong Tourist Visa requirements can fill the visa application form through online and submit it with proper documents. Applicants must carefully fill the visa form for successful visa approval.

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