Hong Kong QMAS – Migrate to Hong Kong under quality migrant admission scheme

Migrate-to-Hongkong-Under-QMASConsidering Hong Kong immigration for working? Seeking for a best visa option that would help you to immigrate to your dreamland at a faster pace? Then there is no other better option than choosing to lodge your application for Hong Kong QMAS. The count of overseas skilled professionals preferring Hong Kong immigration is increasing day by day due to exceptional career and employment opportunities, robust economy, quality lifestyle, best tourist hot-spots and many others.

Conversely, the country has become a desirable immigration destination for the purpose of work. However, skilled individuals who possess special skills and abilities and have a strong desire to Migrate to Hong Kong under QMAS Program need to meet the basic prerequisites of the province.

Hong Kong QMAS scheme

Hong Kong QMAS is quota based entrant scheme that has been put forth with a strong intention to lure more foreign skilled individuals to work in Hong Kong to improve its economy in the existing global market. As QMAS program of the province is a point based system, he or she is recommended to score a minimum of points in the test based on their credentials such as age, adaptability, language proficiency, work experience, education and others.

An interesting fact is that successfully selected candidates under this program will be permitted to bring their unmarried dependent children aged under 18 years as well as their spouse.

Basic Requirements for Hong Kong QMAS

Following are the prerequisites that an overseas individual must meet to fulfill their dream of living in Hong Kong.

  • Potential applicant’s age should not be less than 18 years
  • Must possess enough funds to support themselves during their stay in the province
  • Must meet the required health and character requirements
  • Must not be under any criminal records
  • Proficient in English or Chinese languages

Should hold a good educational background, degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution

Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculator

Prospective applicants whoever meets the criteria described above must also be able to score 165 points under Achievement-based Points Test or 80 points under general points test. In general, five factors are taken into consideration under general points and one factor under the other one.

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