Interested to Apply for Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Apply-for-Hong-Kong-QMAS-SchemeHong Kong has been developed into major Global trade hub and financial center. Is also considered as world city.  We find most individuals prefer to migrate to Hong Kong, it is China’s special administrative regions.  It is beautiful nation and it is located very near to our country, India. Hong Kong has highest per capital income which might be one of the reason as why numerous people might prefer to Immigrate to Hong Kong. There are other varied reasons as to why Hong Kong immigration is gaining popularity. The reasons given below

  • This particular nation has completely free economy. The tax rates in this nation are low. And they do not need inheritance tax neither they control the foreign exchange policies.
  • The country has flourishing democracy
  • It does boast of having high quality of life, the life expectancy is second largest in the world
  • Hong Kong govt is known to be surprisingly honest and it is resourceful
  • This particular nation does offer education to migrant children free of cost. Hence it successful in attracting the skilled employees
  • This nation also applies fair method for selection candidates for migration

Hong Kong QMAS Selection

This particular scheme does attract both talented as well as highly skilled individuals, these individuals are fresh entrants and they do not have the right to enter as well as remain in this nation in order to settle as well as enhance the country’ s economic competitiveness in the global market.

All candidates who are interested to Apply for Quality Migrant Admission Scheme  are required to fulfill a set of prerequisites before they are granted points under one of the two points based test such activity based points test and General points test, they are essential for quota allocation with other applicants

We find those individuals who are successful under the QMAS Hong Kong, Hong Kong QMAS Selection scheme, they can even get their spouse as well as unmarried dependent children whose age is below 18, but they should be able to support their stay without relying on the public assistance in the nation.


  • Age must be 18 or above
  • Should not have any criminal record
  • Should have good proficiency in both written as well as spoken English or Chinese
  • Good education records atleast 1st class degree from territory education institution or recognized university

Renewal of QMAS Visa

This particular visa is valid for minimum 1 year and If they desire to extend their stay in Hong Kong, they should file the renewal application and must be filed minimum 4 weeks earlier before their limit does expire.

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12 thoughts on “Interested to Apply for Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

  1. Am already in Hong Kong, working here for many years, one of my friends wants to apply for Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, will the process become easy as am PR of Hong Kong?

    • Once you submit the necessary forms and papers, and if your application is accepted, you will be asked to be there a simple interview. This is the time when any additional required documents or proof will be requested.

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