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Hong Kong is the hot destination for individuals who wish to realize their dreams into reality. It is the most sought-after destination for people who is passionate to move abroad. Hong Kong has lot to offer for students, families, businesses, and workers. It is the best destination for foreigners who would like start a fresh career abroad. From over the past few years, Hong Kong immigration rolled out as the best option among qualified professionals due to emerging opportunities in key sectors. The government has devised various schemes to lure skilled immigrants to the country. Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is one such scheme, which is mainly chosen by Indians looking forward to migrate to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme is for highly qualified professionals who are interested to move to this great destination. The scheme is particularly outlined to entice foreign nationals to its shore. It is a quota-based entrant scheme and is for individuals who do not have any right to move to the country. A job offer is not required for successful applicants of Hong Kong QMAS. For this scheme, individuals need to qualify in either general or achievement based points test.

Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculator

Interested applicants must qualify under either general or achievement based points test. For general based points test, applicants are assessed based on some factors such as work experience, age, academic qualifications, language criteria and family history. Applicants must score 80 points under these factors to pass this test. In achievement based points test, candidates with outstanding skills and talent are only allowed to earn points. Under this test, aspirants must score 165 points under one scoring factor only.

In addition to this, applicants must satisfy specific criteria to immigrate to Hong Kong. To find more about the requirements and procedure, it is highly recommended to seek help from Opulentus, which has successfully processed thousands of visa applications. We have a good team of visa professionals to assist you in immigration process. Opulentus has driven success in every area with the support of its highly professionalized and expertise immigration counselors.

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    • Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme is outlined to encourage skilled professionals to enter the country. One need to qualify in point based test.

  5. Lot of thanks to Opulentus for building up my Hong Kong QMAS visa, all the way my process was easier and simpler. Thanks a lot to the whole group for supporting me at every step. Thank you very much.

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