Opulentus provides excellent guidance for Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong is the best destination to immigrate for people who is in search of better career prospects. It offers enormous working options for highly qualified professionals and requires potential immigrants who can complement the economy. Hong Kong is an ideal destination where one can get everything starting from superior quality of life to better transportation facilities. Hong Kong lures many professionals and one who aspires to move to the country as a skilled professional must apply under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

Hong Kong QMAS is designed to ease the immigration process for skilled professionals wishing to enter the country. The scheme is based on quota and allows skilled professionals to settle in Hong Kong. A prior job offer is not required for successful applicants to enter the country. Applicants are allowed to bring their family members such as spouse and dependents to Hong Kong provided they hold adequate funds to meet the expenses. Aspirants who are lodging an application under Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme must pass under either General Points Test or Achievement-based Points Test.

Hong Kong QMAS requirements

Individuals who are applying under Hong Kong QMAS must fulfill specific requirements such as age, funds, good character, language skills and academics. Additionally, you need to qualify in point base system to immigrate to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong QMAS points calculator

General points base tests assess candidate’s eligibility based on few factors such as educational qualifications, age, work experience, background and language skills. Applicants must score 80 points under this test to qualify for Hong Kong QMAS.

While for achievement based tests, applicants with specific skills and exceptional talent can only apply. Specifications under this test are very high and one must score 165 points under one scoring factor in achievement based points test.

Hence, if you are interested and willing to apply under Hong Kong Quality migration scheme, Opulentus will help you. We have thousands of successful clients in our database and offer reliable yet timely assistance for those willing to migrate to Hong Kong. Our services will help you to easily qualify under the scheme and help to immigrate to Hong Kong easily.

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  1. I want to settle and work in Hong Kong after acquiring the visa under the Quality Migrants Scheme. Will Opulentus help me in this?

    • Hong Kong QMAS is a quota based system where it lures talented persons who possess specific skills and qualifications in different sectors and aspires to settle in Hong Kong.

  2. With an intention to kick-start my new career in overseas, I have approached the professional consultants of Opulentus for best in industry visa services. I am glad with their timely support.

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