Feast Your Eyes on Hong Kong Beauties – Apply For Hong Kong Visit Visa

Hong Kong Visitor Visa Process RequirementsHong Kong is called also nicknames as Oriental Pearl, is one of the most travelled destinations is Asia. Hong Kong is reputated as world class commercial center for Chinese culture, modern day technology, British colonies and glitters. Its natural beauty and man – made marvels attracted the tourists from different countries. Hong Kong has the world’s highest skyscrapers and has plenty of mountain views, beaches etc. Hong Kong has amusement parks such as Ocean Park, Disney land and also museums, shopping malls, night markets, horse racing, rides on world’s longest outdoor escalator. The country has something for everyone. Hong Kong food is an overall experience itself with ample variety of cuisines. Hong Kong provides an excellent public transport for the tourists to tour around the city.

Hong Kong visit visa for Indians:

Every individual who wish to visit Hong Kong must attain a Hong Kong visit visa, where it allows the tourists to stay and tour Hong Kong for period of time. In order to attain Hong Kong visit visa, every individual must apply for Hong Kong visit visa and fill the Hong Kong visit visa application form in the Hong Kong embassy in their respective country.

Visa requirements to Visit Hong Kong

Short stay visa:

Individuals who wish to stay in Hong Kong for less than 14 days then visa is granted on arrival at the Hong Kong airport.

Requirements for Indian passport holders:

  • Original valid passport, with at least two blank pages
  • Original confirmed ticket showing your exit from Hong Kong within 14 days
  • Foreign exchange should be certified accordingly or should hold an international credit card

Long stay visa:

The following are the documents which are required for the individuals who wish to exceed their stay more 14 days in Hong Kong.

  • Copy of the valid passport
  • Photographs
  • Completed Hong Kong visa form
  • Typed cover letter from the applicant stating the duration of the stay in Hong Kong
  • Invitation letter from the Hong Kong stating the exact duration of the applicants stay
  • Communication fee should be paid in cash before the submission

These are some of the Hong Kong Visitor Visa Process Requirements. The duration for the processing would be four to six weeks.

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