Why People Prefer To Visit Hong Kong For Sightseeing?

Visit Hong KongAre planning for a holiday trip? Then, it is suggested to Visit Hong Kong as the country is famous destination for tourist attractions. People entice to Visit Hong Kong for various reasons, however the majority of the people travel Hong Kong for tourism or sightsee. To travel to Hong Kong from a foreign country people need to apply for a Hong Kong Visit visa. Indians are allowed to enter and reside in Hong Kong for a period of 14 days without any visa. If they want to reside over the permitted period they need to get a Hong Kong Tourist visa.

Hong Kong Visit visa:

Hong Kong Visit visa allows overseas nationals to visit Hong Kong to meet their friends, relatives, and travel Hong Kong to visit various places. It is a temporary visa issued for a certain period of time to Visit Hong Kong. Visa applicants are not allowed to engage in any paid or unpaid job options or business related firms.

Requirements for Hong Kong Tourist Visa:

Though the procedure to acquire Hong Kong Tourist Visa is easy, however citizens of foreign countries should fulfill the following prerequisites in order to obtain Hong Kong Tourist Visa and to visit Hong Kong for sightseeing.

  • A valid passport for minimum of six months validity period along with two blank pages.
  • Should hold a return confirmation ticket from Hong Kong to their native land.
  • Should meet necessary financial requirements to survive themselves while staying in Hong Kong
  • Applicants should not have any crime records.
  • Applicants are not permitted to study in any educational institutions or universities  or schools in Hong Kong under Hong Kong visit Visa

After fulfilling the necessary requirements individuals can apply for Hong Kong visit Visa. It might take s 4 weeks to process a Hong Kong visit Visa application ahead receiving all the necessary documents. Unless all documents and the information are exact the visa will not be approved. Hong Kong visit Visa processing time is subjected to change and it mostly depends on applicants’ profile.

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