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Immigration to Hong Kong From IndiaHong Kong is a famous destination for a number of overseas individuals around the world. Every year, a large of aspirants chooses immigration to Hong Kong because of several reasons. The country has turned to be an economic hub that offers a huge business and employment opportunities for overseas nationals. Hong Kong is one among the dynamic and open economies throughout the world.

Hong Kong Immigration:

At present, Hong Kong is one among the densely populated areas of the globe, receiving people from every nook and corner of the world. Hong Kong immigration is mostly seen for the purpose of business and employment. Hong Kong immigration process is simple and people can easily migrate to Hong Kong if they meet the necessary Hong Kong Immigration requirements.

Immigration to Hong Kong from India:

Most of the Indians prefer for Immigration to Hong Kong from India as the country offers excellent opportunities for the individuals. Hong Kong is just a few miles far from India. Thus, Immigration to Hong Kong from India is mostly seen. The country offers excellent offers for natives and immigrants. Due to its high quality of life people allure towards Hong Kong Immigration for a better future. Obtaining Hong Kong QMAS Visa is the best choice for Hong Kong Immigration.

Hong Kong Immigration points:

Immigration to Hong Kong under Hong Kong QMAS scheme is a point based entrant scheme where individuals must get at least pass points in order to migrate to Hong Kong. Applicants must go through either General Points Test or Achievement-based Points Test for Hong Kong Immigration. At least 80 points must be secured out of 165 points in General Points Test, whereas for Achievement-based Points Test 0 or 165 points will be awarded.

Hong Kong QMAS Visa:

Overseas skilled individuals who would like to reside and work in Hong Kong can apply for Hong Kong QMAS Visa. However, to obtain Hong Kong QMAS visa applicants must meet necessary prerequisites and minimum qualification points.

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