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Know about Hong Kong QMAS Requirements
Posted on: 01 May 2015  |   Tags: Hong Kong QMAS , Opulentus , QMAS ,

Mulling to migrate to Hong Kong? Looking for best visa option? Well, you can choose Hong Kong QMAS visa would be the right choice to migrate to Hong Kong. If you are unaware of Hong Kong QMAS visa process, approach the leading visa consultants of Opulentus who aid you and assist you in your Hong Kong QMAS visa process. Hong Kong is one of the leading destinations for immigration. People mostly from Asian countries prefer to migrate to Hong Kong for better career prospects. With liberal immigration policies, thriving economy, quality life style, advanced facilities and others, the country has become most preferred destination for immigration. Now-a-days, Hong Kong immigration has become a tendency for most of the immigrants especially from India. However, skilled immigrants who want to migrate to Hong Kong should acquire a Hong Kong QMAS visa.  Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a quota based scheme designed to attract overseas skilled nationals to migrate and employ in Hong Kong to enhance the country’s economic competitiveness in the global market. A prior job offer is not required for the prospective individuals to migrate to Hong Kong.  Under this scheme, individuals can sponsor his or her partner or unmarried dependent children less than 18 years to enter to Hong Kong for accompanying them. Requirements for Hong Kong QMAS Individuals should meet below requirements to obtain Hong Kong QMAS visa.

  • Age should be at least 18 years
  • Enough funds
  • Should meet character requirements
  • Proficient in Chinese or English language
  • Good educational background, commonly a first degree from a tertiary educational institution or a standard university
Hong Kong immigration points system Candidates, who met the above prerequisites of QMAS, must go through points based test in order to obtain visa. They should choose either a General Points Test or Achievement-based Points Test for Hong Kong immigration. The minimum of 80 points are required to get through the General Points Test. And 165 or 0 points will be allotted for Achievement-based Points Test. Why Opulentus Opulentus is the number one immigration and visa consultancy not only in India, but also in other leading nations. Our experienced and talented consultants assist you throughout the immigration process and make your visa process successful. We are here to resolve all the immigration queries. So, for any assist walk into our office.

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