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Migrate to Hong Kong through the scheme QMAS

Hong Kong QMASHong Kong is one of the most successful economies, and a place where most of the Asian MNC’s headquarters based and operated successfully in real estate Industry. Hong Kong is the best place to migrate to possess your qualification and skills. Hong Kong is the core of banking, manufacturing and also it is one of the highest per capita income countries. Hong Kong QMAS & Immigration to Hong Kong : The main aim of the Hong Kong (QMAS) Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is to attract most talented and skilled applicants from all over the world to enter and remain into Hong Kong, in which they offers the chance to grow and build up them self in one the world’s most happening places. Requirements of the Hong Kong’s QMAS Program: • Applicant should bring the original documents to the interview. • Applicant can accompany the spouse and children less than 18 years to the Hong Kong along with them. • Applicants test is totally based on the points of passing and test will be conducted in a general form or achievements. Eligibility for the Hong Kong’s QMAS Program: • Applicant age should be either 18 or more than 18. • Applicant should have TOEFL OR IELTS to score points in the language skills. • Applicant must have the Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD from a recognized university or college to score points for the qualification. • Applicant should remember that their overall score can increase by accompanying child and spouse. • Applicant must have two years of full time work experience level and if applicant is having international experience then additional points can be scored. In case you are planning to move to Hong Kong then you are on the right track as it is advanced in its technology, great infrastructure to the highest level of the skilled immigrant workers and has introduced a program called (QMAS) Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. In this the skilled workers can apply and happily settle with their family in Hong Kong through this program. Why Opulentus? If you want to migrate to any place, then approach Opulentus because we have specialists and experienced advisors and they support every client in a very friendly and comfortable manner. Opulentus helps you in every step of your visa process and will be there for you till you obtain your visa to your desired destination.

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