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Survey Reveals Difficulties in Using English at Work in Hong Kong

A survey by HKEnglish.com has recently revealed the difficulties of Hong Kong citizens in using English at work. It has shown that almost two thirds of the Migrate to Hong Kongrespondents had difficulty in speaking and understanding the English language in the workplace. Most of the respondents found difficulty in conveying their messages in English when giving business presentations. In addition, a majority also found difficulty in using English whilst socializing with foreign business partners during business dinners and other corporate events. When it came to written English, the survey revealed that the major difficultly for employees was with writing business reports. The results of the survey suggest that many people in Hong Kong find it difficult to communicate in English at work. It follows that companies in Hong Kong should concentrate on running specialized English language training & development programs for their staff that could help alleviate the specific difficulties highlighted in the survey. Communicating in English is deemed important most especially for businesses that have foreign investors. To address the issue, HKEnglish.com helps people in Hong Kong to learn English through their various English language services. The company provides corporate English language courses as well as business soft skills training programs such as presentation skills courses. Their programs aim to help business owners and Hong Kong individuals have effective English language communication skills. "The results of this survey will help the focus of corporate English language and business soft skills training in Hong Kong and therefore help both companies and employees improve their business communication skills," Ian Nock, Director of Studies at HKEnglish.com said. Source: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/survey-reveals-difficulties-in-using-english-at-work-in-hong-kong-250089.htm

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