Hong Kong QMAS Program for People With Exceptional Skills

Hong kong-QMAS-Visa-Program-with-Execptional-Skilled-Workers

The Quality Migrant Admission theme could be a quota-based entrant theme in a city that was enforced within the year 2006. To be eligible to secure entry into the Hong Kong below the standard Migrant Admission theme, candidates should satisfy a variety of stipulations, alongside clearing a points-based check and competitive  for quota allocation. Here […]

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Hong Kong QMAS – Migrate to Hong Kong under quality migrant admission scheme


Considering Hong Kong immigration for working? Seeking for a best visa option that would help you to immigrate to your dreamland at a faster pace? Then there is no other better option than choosing to lodge your application for Hong Kong QMAS. The count of overseas skilled professionals preferring Hong Kong immigration is increasing day […]

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What Is The Eligibility Criterion For Hong Kong QMas Scheme ?


The Hong Kong QMAS scheme is considered as quote based entrant scheme. It seeks  highly skilled or talented individuals to Settle in Hong Kong so that it can help in enhancing the economic competiveness of Hong Kong. All successful application of Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Visa might bring their spouse and also unmarried dependent children […]

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong QMAS Visa ?

Hong Kong-QMAS-Visa

The Hong Kong QMAS visa was introduced by the Hong Kong govt in order to draw those individuals who are highly skilled to Hong Kong for enhancing the nation’s economy further. Immigration to Hong Kong These immigrants should have intention to reside in Hong Kong to explore both employment as well as  prospects for business […]

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Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculators Takes Into Consideration Various Factors.


The successful applicants who have applied under Hong Kong QMAS  scheme can bring their unmarried dependent children, provided these individuals are capable to support and also to accommodate their dependent using their self financial resources without any reliance on public assistance from the nation, Hong Kong. Immigration to Hong Kong now easy with the introduction […]

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Hong Kong QMAS for skilled workers

Hong Kong QMAS Visa seeks to attract the highly skilled immigrants from various parts of the world for the motto of increasing the country’s economy. These impending immigrants are the ones who intend to reside in Hong Kong to discover employment or business startups. The skilled immigrants are allowed to get their spouse and dependent […]

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Hong Kong Immigration through Hong Kong QMAS scheme

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, which has become an emerging destination for overseas individuals across the worlds. People choosing Hong Kong Immigration from India is rapidly increasing, especially from these recent years. The country offers excellent career and employment opportunities for the overseas nationals, as it is facing skill shortages in […]

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Hong Kong Occupation List 2014 under Hong Kong QMAS

Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region of China is situated in Asia. The country is an affluent nation in the Asia with a standard economy. Hong Kong is a most emerged and targeted nation for the immigrants across the globe. With maximum per capita income throughout the world, it has become most sought out […]

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Know the qualifying criteria of Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator

Hong Kong has emerged as the most desirable destination for people aspiring to reside and work abroad. The country has opened its doors for skilled workers and wealthy investors, who wish to work and invest abroad. Hong Kong is in dire need of skilled workers and has designed many schemes to attract fresh talent to […]

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How to migrate to Hong Kong from India

Hong Kong is a famous destination for a number of overseas individuals around the world. Every year, a large of aspirants chooses immigration to Hong Kong because of several reasons. The country has turned to be an economic hub that offers a huge business and employment opportunities for overseas nationals. Hong Kong is one among […]

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