What Is The Eligibility Criterion For Hong Kong QMas Scheme ?


The Hong Kong QMAS scheme is considered as quote based entrant scheme. It seeks  highly skilled or talented individuals to Settle in Hong Kong so that it can help in enhancing the economic competiveness of Hong Kong. All successful application of Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Visa might bring their spouse and also unmarried dependent children […]

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Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculators Takes Into Consideration Various Factors.


The successful applicants who have applied under Hong Kong QMAS  scheme can bring their unmarried dependent children, provided these individuals are capable to support and also to accommodate their dependent using their self financial resources without any reliance on public assistance from the nation, Hong Kong. Immigration to Hong Kong now easy with the introduction […]

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How many Applications’ are Accepted Under Hong Kong Qmas Scheme


The Hong Kong QMAS scheme is quota based and it is designed for skilled individual’s who desire to stay in Hong Kong to explore both employment as well as  business startup opportunities. In order to secure entry into Hong Kong as per the QMAS Scheme, the individual’s must satisfy the basic prerequisites, and they should […]

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Are you Aspiring to Migrate to Honkong QMAS? Apply Honkong QMAS Scheme

The life expectancy of Hongkongers is the worlds longest or second longest.  Hong  Kong is also known for its deep natural harbor and skyline. Those who aspire to migrate to Hong Kong must make themselves aware of Honkong QMAS scheme which is now governed by the Chinese govt. This particular scheme is launched in 2006 […]

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Quality Migrant Admission Scheme- Easy option to Live and work in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered as the ultimate destination for Indians, especially for skilled professionals. The country is often referred as the finance center of South Asia. Hong Kong immigration has become extremely popular among skilled professionals who wish to work overseas. The country offers ample opportunities for highly qualified professionals and has designed Quality Migrant […]

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Hong Kong Immigration through Hong Kong QMAS scheme

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, which has become an emerging destination for overseas individuals across the worlds. People choosing Hong Kong Immigration from India is rapidly increasing, especially from these recent years. The country offers excellent career and employment opportunities for the overseas nationals, as it is facing skill shortages in […]

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Hong Kong Occupation List 2014 under Hong Kong QMAS

Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region of China is situated in Asia. The country is an affluent nation in the Asia with a standard economy. Hong Kong is a most emerged and targeted nation for the immigrants across the globe. With maximum per capita income throughout the world, it has become most sought out […]

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Why People Allures For Hong Kong Immigration?

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China that has become a famous destination for number of individuals across the globe. Each year, a large number of overseas nationals apply for Hong Kong immigration from their native land. People choose to migrate to Hong Kong as there are several benefits an applicant can enjoy […]

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Various options for skilled professionals to migrate to Hong Kong immigration

Hong Kong is the Special Administrative Region of China and it is frequently claimed to be one among the successful economies across the globe. People tempts for Hong Kong Immigration as the country boasts all facilities that are required for a person to lead a high quality of life. Mostly Asian nationals are adopting Immigration […]

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