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The point based Hong Kong Immigration for International Professionals

Hong Kong Immigration - Migrate to Hong Kong - The labor market assessment, shortage of workforce and the rapid development of technology are the factors influencing the immigration process. Hong Kong is one of the most developed economical nations in the world. If a person wants to relocate to Hong Kong then he has to follow the Hong Kong immigration(www.immd.gov.hk/eng/)program. There are so many options available for the migration program of Hong Kong. If you are experienced and skilled then you can live and work in Hong Kong by the help of general employment policy program and general point test. The general employment policy program allows the immigrants from various countries having knowledge and work experiences in their relevant sectors. An offer of employment the candidate has to show that he has relevant qualification and experience for the job. The wage level also comes into the consideration for this purpose. The general point test is a point based immigration policy similar to that of United Kingdom and Australia. The major aspects are language proficiency, age; educational qualification, work experience and family back grounds. Depending upon these things the points will have credited. The age level 18 to 39 will be getting 30 points and age between 40-44 and 45-50 will get 20 points, 15 points respectively.  More than 51 years old will not get any point in this regard. Likewise in academics candidate having two or more doctoral degree will gain 45 points. In case of one doctoral degree and two or more master degree then the point will be 40. 35 points will be credited if the applicant has a single master degree and dual bachelor degree. For the bachelors degree with professional qualification holder will get 30 points. More than 10 years of experience with five years with senior role will get 50 points and the more than five years of experience with 2 years in senior position will bring you 40 points. The five year and two year experience holder will get 30 points, 10 points respectively. Language proficiency points depend upon the written and spoken power. These are the procedure of Hong Kong immigration.

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