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What are the requirements to immigrate to Hong Kong from India?

immigrate to Hong Kong from India Hong Kong is one of the beautiful immigration destinations for Indians. The country is one amongst the leading economies that has been attracting Hong Kong Immigration from India.

Hong Kong QMAS

Highly skilled Individuals aiming to immigrate to Hong Kong from India can opt for QMAS scheme. If approved he or she will be granted an entry visa or work permit valid for one year. Also, one can bring his or her spouse and children less than 18 years as dependents.

Hong Kong immigration requirements:

Individuals, who are planning for Hong Kong immigration from India, are required to fulfill the following criteria under Hong Kong QMAS scheme.

  • Age must be 18 or above
  • Must be able to support oneself as well as the dependents without depending on public assistance for the duration of the stay in the country
  • Must be competent in written and spoken English or Chinese
  • Must have the good educational background with a degree from the recognized university

Hong Kong Immigration Points calculator

Apart from the fulfilling these requirements, one is required to pass the points test either through Achievement Points Based Test or General Points Based Test.

General Points Based Test

General Points Based Test is dependent on the factors such as age, work experience, family background, language proficiency and academic qualifications. The minimum pass mark would be 80 out of 165.

Achievement Points Based Test

Achievement Points Based Test is for those who have

  • exceptional talent,
  • outstanding skills
  • Won the state, national or international awards
  • Have made noteworthy contribution to their field.

The awarded points for this are either 165 or 0.

Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration from India

  • Tax rates in Hong Kong are quite low.
  • Residency in Hong Kong can be  gained quickly and easily as compared to other countries
  • Hong Kong enjoys high quality of life
  • Everything in terms of food and entertainment are available reasonably
  • The selection of the people for migration is done fairly.

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