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What is the Significance of Hong Kong QMAS Scheme ?

Hong Kong-QMAS-SchemeForeign nationals are having a job offer in Hong Kong who possess the right combination of skills, knowledge and experience can consider Hong Kong Immigration under the GEP(GEP) Program.

As well as the offer of employment, you would also need to show relevant qualification and experience job. The wage level would require being at the prevailing wage for the job in the same profession.

The  GPT is a point base immigration scheme similar to that is offered by UK and Australia.  We find applicants are assessed against a combination of criteria that include age, language skills, academic qualification, and work experience.  A job offer from Hong Kong is not essential under this scheme.

Hong Kong has one of the most successful economies in Asia. It might be worth considering a Hong Kong Skilled Immigration Programme. There have been numerous options available if the individuals do have not only right skills but also experience and desires to live as well as work in Hong Kong. The GEP (General employment policy (GEP) program for the skilled workers having job offer and General points test (GPT).

The Hong Kong QMAS Scheme seeks to draw highly skilled overseas immigrants for the motto of enhancing the nation’s economy further. These forthcoming immigrants are one who intend to reside in Hong Kong to discover employment or business startup prospects. The successful individuals do have the freedom to bring their spouse as well as dependent children that they would support using their own resources of finance

Immigration to Hong Kong is possible through points calculator system. The government immigration dept do use the point calculator as an important instrument to evaluate duly the applicant’s capability through different parameters.

The HK points calculator is applicable under HK QMAS especially developed to draw professional to nations in order to meet the nation’s shortage of qualified experts in varied domains.

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