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Why Indians prefer for Hong Kong immigration from India?

Hong Kong Immigration

Are you planning to migrate abroad? Then why don’t you choose Hong Kong Immigration? Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and considered as a leading IT hub for a number of overseas IT professionals. The country ranks number one position around the globe. In spite of its huge population, it has encouraged migrants from all over the world for Hong Kong Immigration, who occupies over 5% of its population.

Immigration to Hong Kong from India:

People mostly from India choose Hong Kong immigration from India for education, tourism, work and etc. Initially, Hong Kong is desired by overseas travelers only for sightseeing or tourism purpose, but in these recent times the country is also turned to be most popular destination for education and employment opportunities. Immigration to Hong Kong from India under QMAS program is a point based scheme where Indians must obtain a minimum qualification marks to migrate to Hong Kong. India being a developing country, its citizens prefer for Hong Kong immigration from India for better career options and to experience high standard of living.

The reasonable living expense in Hong Kong is also one of the reasons of Hong Kong immigration from India. People who migrated to Hong Kong from India encounter various benefits of free education, low tax rates, amazing tourists’ destinations and so on. The number of prospective immigrants around the globe who are heading to Hong Kong is rapidly increasing every year, especially from India.

How to apply for a visa to migrate Hong Kong from India?

Many prospective immigrants, who prefer Hong Kong immigration from India, must primarily know the details about Hong Kong immigration such as eligibility criteria, requirements, necessary documents and other details. Some of the basic requirements are sufficient amount of funds, free from criminal records in the past 10 years, along with these requirements for QMAS visa; individuals should also obtain minimum pass points in order to migrate to Hong Kong from India.

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